Sketchdump #308 – Material Study (forest ground)

A friend

I made a new friend.
Instead of just running my usual short jogging route, I went the extra few meters to my favourite local forest. I haven’t been there in months, yet it felt just as welcoming as it always did. He stood there between the other trees, watching me silently with his four or five eyes, maybe more. Our exchange was brief but heartfelt, he shared his calmness and peace with me, I let him feel the warmth of my body and smoothness of my cheek.
A hug for goodbye, and I was on my way again – sometimes it does not take long to feel connected to another being of this world.

Sketchdump #307 – Material Study (burnt wood)

Burnt Wood mostly seems to be a play of colors – warm wood vs. cooler hues for burnt areas (both local color of charred wood, as well as those areas being more reflective of sky etc surroundings). To varying degrees.
The cracks in the burnt areas make for some nice contrast.

Don’t stick your hand in there…


Sketchdump #306 – Material Study (Mudstone)

Mudstones. They are interesting in color because they are layered in a way that allows different sides of a rock to have different colors (and nice colors in general, but very subtly so).
Rocks are so interesting. I could spend a week or more just educating myself about the basics of different kinds of rocks and their formation and properties. Then a week of different ways they get eroded by wind and weather. And while I’m doing that, discovering even more things I get curious about. Sadly this is too big a field to fit in my daily study. But I’m gonna learn more about the world anyway, one pebble at a time :D

That’s one of the things I love most about my job. I get to study and learn all sorts of things, and this is something that will never stop. The more knowledge the better, understanding how things work leads to better designs (and on the side, makes me a more appreciative and humble person). A task for a lifetime – or multiple lifetimes!


Sketchdump #305 – Material Study (Silk)

Sketchdump #304 – Material Study (Carving)

Sketchdump #303 – Gold

Gold… tried and failed many times! Much of gold’s appeal comes from reflecting off itself or other nearby gold, creating highly saturated areas – not so much when presented as a box shape like here. The shinyness also makes it pick up a lot of light and surrounding colors, often shifting overall appearance more to warmer hues. This also makes referencing from photographs very hard, as well as adjusting it to a different composition. I will have to try again!

On the bright side, this cube would do well as a very expensive wedding cake, methinks. Maybe placed on a golden or warm color plate, for less dull reflections. A bit cheesy though… just like this cube. Hah!