Rubia Coffee Ride

In 2019 and 2020 I had the great opportunity to work on an animated short called „Rubia“, where we follow the journey of a little Coffee Bean all the way back to her ancestor’s home. These are some concepts I did to establish the overall mood of the scene, and to determine what kind of stalls and vendors might be found there. They also helped define the textural look and feel of the short film.

I think painting little market stalls might be every concept artist’s dream task – or is it just me?! In any case, these were so much fun to do!

Client: Burki Scherer / JURA
Project: Rubia Coffee Ride

These next concepts were done to flesh out the (European) harbour architecture. I felt really lucky that the client liked my initial design proposals – which are referenced from my own hometown! So I was able to base these on my own reference photos, then infused them with some subtle harbour/seaside motifs.

Shown here are the train station concept and mood concept as well as vegetation I did for the various areas, from the factory campus to later scenes with jungle and the „homeland“:

Lastly, the journal page which was used in Rubia’s grandfather’s diary: As an easter egg, I put in original handwriting of my own grandmother, it only gets seen very briefly in the final movie. The drawing on that page is based on Chris’ lovely concept art of the homeland town:

Thanks again to my lovely client who gave me the opportunity to be part of this great journey! You can find the trailer here: Link to Youtube.

Client: Burki Scherer / JURA
Project: The Rubia Coffee Ride (4D cinema experience)

Grand Hotel Abaddon

Magic Town: Aerial

Magic School

“Hidden deep within the rainforest, just a few moments by broomstick from the big golden school for magic, lies a quaint little town: Whether you need some potions, a wizard pet, or a fun night out – you’ve come to the right place…”
Part of my Magic Town project, where I visualize some of the areas that might be part of a well-hidden Latin American school of magic.
For this project, I wanted to not only make one pretty painting and a few callout sheets, but rather design the entire town to be functional and well thought out. I started with some design exploration in 2D, then built some rough models in 3D, assembled the entire town in VR, and finally rendered out some compositions in blender to serve as a base for my mood paintings.

Bird Nursery

This little bird nursery was a project to further push my understanding and skills of the handpainted game art pipeline, from concept to having a finished model. In this case, I also wanted to explore how to blend different terrain textures into each other, and how to generate grass with a particle system instead of placing them all by hand like in my previous props. I’m happy it worked the way it did!

In order to get this on Sketchfab I even got some additional practice: Baking said ground textures onto the ground plane, and converting my grass particles into actual geometry. Merging those then ended up making my file twice the size – but “compressing” it brought it down again. Lots of mini-roadblocks, but here it is!
I initially set up a skydome, but ended up compositing it in Photoshop anyway, because the shadeless material kept looking very different from my original file. You can see the backdrop placed in Sketchfab though!

Young Vin (Mistborn)

“Vin sat quietly in one of the crew’s watch-holes—a hidden alcove built into the bricks on the side of the safe house. From within it, a crewmember could watch the street for signs of danger. Vin wasn’t on duty; the watch-hole was simply one of the few places where she could find solitude. And Vin liked solitude. When you’re alone, no one can betray you.”

From Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series – a very early scene. I went more for how the scene feels in my head, than the exact description.
Started in Gravity Sketch a few months ago, rendered in Blender, finished in Photoshop :)

Kodama Pond

This little Mononoke fanart diorama started as a simple experiment, I just wanted to play around a bit with Gravity Sketch in VR which I recently discovered. Then one thing lead to another and I realized I can use textures for painting inside the app! So I used some of my older painting studies of rocks and foliage and such to experiment with that feature.
Decided to put it into blender for a proper render, cleaned it up a bit (and broke some things in the process), modified some of the textures (i.e. painting in the forest spirit eyes) and finally tried plugging it into Sketchfab as well. Geometry is very dirty and broken in parts, but for a workflow test I’m very excited how this turned out!

Photoshop Paintover:

Rendered in Blender:




Oval Fish

Chameleon Sanctum

This little diorama started as a handpainted 3D practice, and ended up a bit more complex than initially planned! I just kept adding things I wanted to learn, from array modifier (threefold symmetry!), to emission (I can make things GLOW!), to using transparency to create foliage (ohhh), setting up lights to render (my computer was not pleased), and uploading to Sketchfab. And this is the result smiley I’m rather pleased, mostly because I learnt so much doing this!

Digital Studies 2020 q2