Inktober 2016 #2

Inktober 2016 #1

It’s October – that’s ink time! I decided to join this year’s inktober challenge, here is a selection.

I don’t have an ink brush (yet) so I used pens and also some watercolor with brush:

2016lyraina_inktober9 2016lyraina_inktober1 2016lyraina_inktober6 2016lyraina_inktober345

Battle at Sea

Bamboo Shoot

Sketchdump #291 – Moth & Bottle

More daillies! Yup, I’m spamming my blog with them now because I slacked off too much and didn’t upload them right after painting them.

Moths are cool:


Cheated on the bottle, did it in 2 sessions (design | paint):



Sketchdump #290 – digital dailies

Sketchdump #289 – digital dailies