Don’t you dare to touch her…

Finally done! At least that’s what I think at the moment. The longer I stare at it, the more things I want to repaint or correct, but I fear it won’t get any better…

I tried a new coloring style again, this time using many layers (each element got its own layer), it’s quite comfortable if you want to chance something later, but hard not to get confused with so many layers, even when they have names. Also, it feels more “static”, less painterly and messing around with colors.

I wanted to do some kind of background, I’m not really satisfied yet, but seems to be the best I’m able to do at the moment… still a lot of development potential in this area.

I hope it doesn’t look like the elf is hurting the cat – she’s healing her, looking at the observer with her “Don’t you dare to hurt her again, or you’ll regret it”-stare.

Nightelf character design belongs to Blizzard.

Photoline32, about 15 hours. FullView is recommended!

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