May I present to you Nymphaea, spirit of the water lilies and water plants? She spends her days floating between her children, protecting them from harm and helping them on their way from sprout to blossom.
Whenever she gets lonely, she meets Teleos, spirit of the fishes, who always appreciates her visits…

I really had fun painting this, even though as always some things didn’t really work out as I wanted. Especially drawing hair always drives me mad, I just can’t get it right no matter how often I try (I think I redrew it five times and couldn’t achieve the soft, flowing look I wanted to achieve), or how many tutorials I read.

But for now, I like the overall outcome nonetheless! I’m just not yet quite sure if the glow-effects are too much. I also saved a version without.

I want to dedicate this to my mother, because she always supports me no matter what, because she’s the best mother in the world, and because I love her.
Also, I think Nymphaea resembles her Goddess of the Sea she drew some years ago, maybe I was unconsciously inspired by her art?

Done with Painter, with some effects added in Pixelmator and Photoline32. I used some references for the water lilies.

As much as I like this WordPress-Theme, the small fixed width is sooo annoying. Full View is recommended.


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