Warlock 2.0

A new version of my warlock. I updated the hair, lips, belt, shoulderpads, and the magic effects. I’m still not satisfied with the last, but again I reached a point where I have no idea what to change or how to change it to make it look better. Also, each time I switch program (Photoline/Painter/Pixelmator) the colors are different and I lose quality… I have no idea how some people switch between Painter and Photoshop all the time while drawing, I always seem to lose quality/layers/layer modes/transparency etc. when doing so! That’s quite annoying when working on something more complex like this piece.

Anyway, here it is, the for the time of being finished version (we’ll see when I pick it up again and change something, I seem to be unable to leave this one alone):

My warlock at level 80, class design (c) Blizzard, art (c) lyra


2 thoughts on “Warlock 2.0

  1. It is quite good already, though some things might be still improved. Her left shoulderpad looks somehow better than her right one.
    Her left arm is hiding, maybe you coudl think about a better guesture?

    How do you transport your files from one software to the next, with .tiff? it shoudl not loose layers, keep even the transparent ones.

    • Thanks for your suggestions!
      I used .psd (Photoshop) to switch between applications, not sure about .tiff though – I guess I should have a look in my preferences, but I just get one-layered tiff, even when I chose “don’t merge layers’. Pixelmator doesn’t even ask me about that, so I just assumed tiff is one-layer-only.

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