Mushroom House

Little elf Amanita lives in the middle of the forest in her mushroom house, which is, of course, much bigger when you enter it, even though it doesn’t look like that from the outside. At the moment you can watch her making cookies – believe me, you’d die for them, if you had ever tasted one!
I wanted it to be very peaceful and colorful, and also try out a quite painterly style which would fit into a children’s book. So I did of course not follow my father’s advice to put rats, rabbits, foxes or deer on the “clothes line”!
It only took a couple of hours, and could be improved by investing more time for sure, but I’ll let it be for now, since it’s just a little side project for fun. I might try painting in this style again though. It was quite soothing to draw!

Done with Painter X, some corrections with Pixelmator.

Steps / Closeup


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