In my parent’s garden grow beautiful lavender bushes, with such a lovely scent! I couldn’t resist taking advantage of that, and made some lavender cupcakes inspired by Jeanny :D The dough was fluffy and tasted nice, you even could recognize the lavender, but the frosting was definitely too sweet for my taste – I will have to figure out how to adjust cupcake recieps to my liking; since most of them contain tons of sugar. But for the first time I tried my hands on cupcakes, it could have turned out worse! But still much to learn here :)


3 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. wow, dein blog ist ja klasse – wunderschöne fotos :)

    haha, ja, so ne bachelorarbeit ist ganz schön zeitraubend .. worüber schreibst du denn? :)

    alles liebe!

    • Danke! *freu* Besonders schön, das von dir zu hören – hab deinen Blog schon ne ganze Weile im Feedleser :)
      Ich schreib über… Experimente mit Fischen, grob gesagt guck ich was sie fressen und was nicht ;)
      Ach, und ganz vergessen – Gute Besserung!

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