Sketchdump #1

Okay, so I decided I must practice more. I don’t have any life models or plastics here, since I don’t want to draw grapes or waterglasses right now, so I started copying from my anatomy book. I want to learn the basics (again)! I already read the whole thing some months ago, but reading doesn’t replace practicing. I’m not yet completely sure how exactly this will help me improve more than drawing from random photos, but for sure it can’t help. Also, I read somewhere that Dave Rapoza (google his art!) copied every drawing of his anatomy books 18 times, so… anyway, I’m a slow learner regardless the topic, which means I must practice even harder. I was very motivated today, but sadly had to use half of the day for my bachelor thesis, which wants to be written as well. I might add some daily gesture drawing practices as well, I abandoned this during my trip to Cyprus former this year, but it might be a good practice as well.

I’m still unsure how to effectively practice, everyone says not to copy things mindlessly, but how to I copy them mindful? Of course, read the texts going with the drawings in books. I just don’t feel the texts of my anatomy book are helpful, maybe I’ll buy another one when I copied everything in this one! I already got some recommendations.

Anyway, here you go, the first bunch of sketches from my recent anatomy book (maybe I should better call it “my mother’s book”, since I hijacked it from home!)

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