Sketchdump #3

Oh my god, I am wasting my life. I utterly fail at life. That’s what I feel like these days, and I don’t mean drawing with that – if anything, it gives me perspective and something to occupy my hands and mind. I can’t nail the reasons down though, so no need to ask for them.
Anyway, more exercises, this time I went under the skin. I’m still really unsure how exactly this is supposed to improve my skills, apart from shading technique, which is not my main focus at the moment (for traditional media that is). But maybe it will help if I just go on, and at some point know every bone and muscle by heart. I hope I’m not wasting my time, because I’m not drawing from life, but from 2D images from my book? I liked my last skull better, I made some mistakes this time – but unfortunately I realized this too late. I’ll do better next time.
I’m feeling somewhat emotional-aggressive today, but as long as I’m able to draw, everything is fine, I guess…
The good thing is, today my new memory modules arrived, and I succeeded to built them in without killing my precious and beloved iMac – and now he is even more sexy than before! (Yes, he.) And I’m so excited, I’m working on the best painting I’ve ever done (or so I hope), and Photoshop is now running (mostely) smooth again!

Also, new rules, again. Complain less, draw more.


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