Botanical Garden

After dreaming repeatedly about not having my camera with me when needing it, I decided to take it with me more often, even if I don’t expect to find many interesting objects. Today it was certainly a good idea to have my camera with me!
On my way to university in the morning, I found those beautiful little guttating leaves, and when looking at my photos afterwards, I even noticed that sweet little insect :)
Later, I decided to pay the botanical garden a visit, hoping it would get me connected with nature again. It was much too hot for staying longer than an hour or so, but I managed to take some nice shots! I’m still having trouble with getting my pictures sharp, so sadly my favourite shots are not the best quality (leaf structure motif shamelessly stolen from my brother for example!)
I even saw one very tiny lizard, it was very sweet, but I didn’t get it in focus fast enough, before it vanished again under some plants. Speaking of lizards, I think I just found proof that dragons DO exist, called armadillo lizard. Just check out [these] images!


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