Sketchdump #7

Not much to show these days, because I’m busy either with writing my bachelor thesis, or drawing, drawing, drawing, (sleeping). But nothing fancy, since I’m trying a different approach – more concentrating on the figure as a whole, detailed muscle drawings will come later. Anyway, I really like skeleton figures, so I’ll share some! Feel free to ask for more sketches if you’re interested, I just won’t post any scribble I’m doing here. Everything shown in this post is based on Loomis figure drawing.

It really is pretty awesome to learn all this stuff, I mean, I really thought I know my own body. At least the most significant bone and muscle structures. But whenever I look into the mirrow after doing some studies, I look at myself (or at nude photos of other people, doesn’t matter) with completely new eyes. Like “yeah, right, that’s where the ribcage ends, here’s the slimmest point of the thorax, why didn’t I realize that earlier? And it’s true, the femur really is curved like that…”. Sadly my eye-hand coordination learns much slower than I realize these things! The actual learning process is extremely slow.

Anyway, my day was great, I hope yours was too! Wish you a nice weekend :)


One thought on “Sketchdump #7

  1. Vielen lieben Dank – freut mich, dass das Top bei anderen auch so gut ankommt :)
    Ja, da hast du eigentlich eh recht – vielleicht sollte ich das auch mal versuchen. V.a mit so kleinen Veränderungen wie du eben sagst – Nüsse, etc :)

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