Sketchdump #8

More practice stuff, about half of today’s work (not enough, never enough!). I even inked the first guy, because I wanted to force myself to draw single, steady lines, so that I can’t cheat around details I don’t understand yet. I also really have to work on my line quality. I also did some “figure in perspective” exercises, but didn’t really get it right… didn’t really grasp the subject yet.

Thanks to Loomis and Bridgeman I now know the name of one of the sexiest muscles of the male body (don’t think too far, people) – I’m talking of the external oblique, for the ones who prefer latin names, the Musculus obliquus externus abdominis. At least that’s what I think makes this convex line I’m thinking of, maybe in combination with a bit fat on the hips? Uhm.. anyway, yay for male curves!
One day I’ll be able to draw men…

I also made myself a lightbox today, but didn’t try it out yet. I guess I’ll get problems with the lack of lamps :( Well, let’s see!

Again, everything is referenced from Loomis.


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #8

  1. Oh, that was hard work, but it looks very good!
    Now I want to see one of these strong figures coloured, personalised.

    Maybe you have soon the chance to practise with a living object ? :D

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