My darling, swim over to me

Heeeere comes my biggest project of the last weeks, and probably even months or years! I’m incredibly proud of it, despite all the faults I can see but not fix anymore, and some parts that didn’t turn out as I wanted. It was a birthday present for my dear mother, who will get a print :)
Excited about my new bought ram and as always confused about resolution/size and printing, I chose a huuuge canvas size, it’s about lifesized! It makes working on details like her face easier, but also means I have a 1 GB file lying around here now, which I hopefully will never have to open again…

The woman you can see here is a princess, and involved in a very sad story (I’m truly very sorry for that, ma!). You can see her lighting two candles for the boy she loves, so that he will find his way across the deep water and be with her. What she doesn’t know yet is that he’s going to get lost and drown in the cold black waters, because a malicious woman douses the candles. Later, she’ll go out alone and search for her beloved prince, with the help of a kind fisherman she gets hold of his body. She will finally follow him into death by drowning herself, after kissing his cold, dead mouth for the first and last time.
This story is well known and retold many times, but my version is based on a very old folk song my mother sung to me when I was a child. In my mind it was always a girl, since the song talks about “children”, but I guess she aged with me for this painting!

I actually made some sketches about this song about 7 years ago and forgot about it again, and didn’t make a finished painting until now. It was quite funny that I found these sketches again, right after painting this! I really didn’t remember them. But I guess this means that the song really had some meaning for me!

[Lyrics] [Reference]

I’ll show some closeups tomorrow :)

Started in Painter, finished in Photoshop. About 25-30 hours.
Fullview or I’ll eat your dinner.


2 thoughts on “My darling, swim over to me

  1. I wanted to “Like” this picture already this morning, but somehow the requested password was wrong….

    What can I say other than :) Great!

    Stay on your way, every picture will be a bit better than the last, though you might be less content…

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