RIP, chibi

You know these days when everything seems to go wrong, like the entire world hates you? I’ll spare you the details, but I have to tell about my fishes. Not my fishes to be exact, but the ones I worked with the last weeks at university, and therefore the ones I cared for. Well, I just found my favourite one dead, killed by the others because he was smaller. I do understand that one should not keep to many males together, but what’s the point in buying a bunch of females when they then transform to males anyway, just to kill each other after that? I mean, what kind of concept is that? It’s plain stupid. Nature is stupid. And now the fishes are stupid too, because this one was the last that I really cared for – he was sweet and curious, always came to me when I opened the aquarium while the other cowards hid. He even swam around my hands when I applied new plants. I really didn’t think it would upset me this much, as I can’t really say it was unexpected, but it just fits perfectly to this day where everything goes wrong.

Anyway. I buried him under roses, and with him this beautiful orange flower, because he lost all his own pigments with his death.

I’ll post more photos in an less depressing context tomorrow! Just want this one to stand out from the rest.


5 thoughts on “RIP, chibi

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    • Yes, I felt bad enough for the ones that died during my experiments, but they are supposed to be happy now, not kill each other… but nature doesn’t care about that, of course!

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