Like shiny pearls

Here comes the rest of yesterday’s photos. I bought very cheap closeup lenses (3€!)  because I was a bit unhappy with my macro photos, and I must say I’m glad I did. It is quite hard to get things focused with the +4 lens (almost impossible with the +10 one, even with camera on the ground and self-timer), but it’s possible freehand with the +2 one. About the chromatic abberations, I guess I will have to live with them for now. I really had fun creeping through the bushes and taking photos of dried berries and such! I’m a bit mad at myself though, because I’m really too stupid to hold the camera without shaking where others have no problem, and with zoom and closeup lens it’s even harder to get good images – even when I’m using a bench as support, or even put the camera on the ground. I made about 150 photos, to get a hand full of somewhat good ones. But I’m happy about the closeup lenses anyway, because at least I did get some shots I like! :)

By the way, are you bored of water drops yet? I just love taking photos of them! :)

I also had a nice encounter when shooting some water drops on leafs on the ground this time (photos not shown here). As always, I cowered on the ground in awkward poses to get the angle I wanted, this seemed to attract a young boy (maybe 7 years?). He first stood about 2 meters away from me and watched, greeted me somewhat awkwardly when I looked up, and then focused on what I was taking photos of (the wet leafs). He seems to have noticed how beautiful they looked just then, because he called out to his friend (some meters away) to come over, there were water drops looking like shiny pearls, and how pretty they were :) No super-exciting story, but at that moment it really cheered me up, because this little boy of 7 just had expressed what I felt when taking my photos. It always amazes me how much beauty one can find even three meters away from a busy street, if he just pays attention.


5 thoughts on “Like shiny pearls

  1. I like waterdrops too! Can’t have enough good pictures. The insects are nice also (guess in which department of biology she does her work ;) ), the last picture with the berries are beautiful too… with poisonous seeds inside, beware!

  2. Close-up lenses, especially cheap ones, will make your images less sharp. Light is always a problem with macros and so is camera motion!

    Have a look at the shutter times you have a problem with, see if your image stabilizer (IS) is activated (mode 1) and have a look if the sharpness problem still exists if you use a tripod with shutter pre-release :)

    • I don’t own a tripod (will have to try at home), but lying the camera down on a bank and using 2 sec pre release didn’t help much with the +4 and +10 lens. I will have to play more with the shutter times and such though. IS should always be activated (i hope!).
      I knew that closeup lenses are a compromiss at best before buying, but since a better/more expensive/achromat or even macro objective is no option for me right now, I wanted to give it a try :D
      I think I’m going to use the +4 and +2 ones at times, so no money lost! :)

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