About facial proportions

Today I studied with a new book, because I found myself redrawing Loomis again and again without much progress, but didn’t want to go on with advanced topics while being still very insecure about my basic anatomy. I reached the “head” chapter in Michael Hampton’s figure drawing book, and after learning the basic proportions of the skull and face, I made a grid to test some of the more beautiful people on this earth.

This is how it is supposed to look like, sorry about the quality, initially it was just meant to be a sketch for myself. Divide space from the brows to the bottom of the chin in two halfes to find the base of the nose. The lower half has to be devided in thirds to find the separation of the lips and top of the chin. Divide the upper half again in two to find the bottom of the eyesockets, and by half again, to find the center of the eyes. The image will make it more clear I hope.

Kidman is quite accurate, Depp looks a bit off… but I was not always sure where to place the grid at the brows.

I then tested my own paintings, not so bad for pure guesswork so far, I think? I think it’s more the planes of the head I have to pay more attention to.

The last one is very off though, so I did some fast copy/paste to look how it is supposed to be. Strangely, the outcome reminded me of Kristin Steward.. so I tested her face as well. She really seems to have perfect facial proportions, my grid fit perfectly!


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