Sketchdump #23

Oops, completely forgot to post yesterday’s work. I’m producing faster than I can scan and post, despite half of my day getting devoured by just reading and trying to understand perspective. I fear this will change soon though, as the new university term is looming closer and closer.

The colored cubes in perspective are similar to yesterday’s post, but this time they are not related to each other – meaning they don’t share vanishing points. I’m still unsure how to actually use this knowledge to built houses, streets and awesome urban or even sci-fi environments. I guess it all comes down to putting togehter 500 perspective cubes correctly without faults (perspective-wise), using my new knowledge about composition and color adequately, being creative on the details, and something nice might come out? Sounds like a tough task! I’m eager to try it out though.

You’ll get something with more color again soon – I’m a bit short on time right now.


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