Good night speedpainting for fun. I have to paint more besides drawing, getting out of practice.


3 thoughts on “Maggot

  1. Colour!
    Nice, but not as good as I had hoped after your splendid sketches. I thought you should start to colour some of these. Here I have the impression, that her left upper arm is too short and her left foot looks clumpsy. Maybe it would be better to not complete the picture (leave the feet out), but try to do the rest, though sketchy, more fitting (if you have set yourself a timelimit).

    Interesting background! Weird idea with the maggot…

    More colour, more nude models! :)

    • Well – that’s exactly the quality difference between “drawing from reference” versus “drawing from mind” I tried to explain to you some days ago ;)
      And this one wasn’t even completely from imagination.

      • Well, then look at your sketches when you draw ‘from mind’ and you will see any shortcomings immediately, or take one of your sketches as a reverence and colour them. The sketch might be gone afterwards or shine though a little bit.

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