Sketchdump #24

Moar girls! Again, 5 minutes each pose, referenced from pixelovely. I did in fact choose the option “both genders”, but I guess there’s just much more female photography in their archive…

Being utterly unsatisfied with my latest hand drawings, I decided to do some studies again… so I dug out my Bridgman. But it was really frustrating, I seem unable to understand much of what he explains, and I did a really poor job copying his drawings as well… I also don’t understand the structure of the book, since it is not devided in bones-muscles-skin, but somewhat random, so I’m just hopping from page to page and picking out the explanations and pictures that seem most useful for me. Does anybody know a book which might suit me a bit better? But maybe it’s just much more practice I need, not another book. Sooo, time for a “hands special”! Click through for bigger size.

Perspective pracice: This time, shadows in perspective. I messed up the one-point-perspective one a lot (the one on the right), still unsure if I did right now. Where do I know from how long the “foot” of the light has to be? I can imagine placing a street lamp on the same flat area of my box/house (even though I’d have to think about how to place it there first), but what if I have a floating light – like a flying lamp, where do I know the lower limitations of my shadow? Same with the sun. Or is the sun’s “foot” always placed on the horizon?
This certainly looked easier before I actually tried doing it myself!

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