Sketchdump #27

A small color practice. I should really do some value practice first!

And the usual traditional practice stuff. Heads and hands are from Loomis this time, last row are some 10 minute poses from photos again.


4 thoughts on “Sketchdump #27

  1. I’ve always envied people who is able to draw hands correctly C:
    I have some Loomis books, but I still haven’t had time to read them.
    I like how the artwork looks, by the way ! Very dynamic pose, and you have done a good lighting in my opinion !

    • Thanks a lot :)
      Yes, drawing hands is important.. that’s why I’m practicing it at the moment, even though I’m struggling a lot!
      Loomis is really worth the read, especially his figure drawing instructions.

  2. Yes! Today’s woman is far better than the last one. Someting is still not entirely correct with her right arm, I guess with the lightning, not necessarily with the length, but otherwise: Weiter so! :)

    • This is because I had a good reference this time, while the last one was mostly from imagination. I should have stated that more clear, maybe. But thank you nonetheless :)

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