Sketchdump #32

Whew, I’m getting lazy with scanning – and also with drawing. Not good!

Hands are from life again, not all are good, but overall I feel like they are getting better. Click for fullview.

The 10 minute poses on the other hand feel a bit like a letdown this time, not exactly sure why. I’m still struggling immensly with different styles of hatching/shading/rendering/drawing them, and don’t really find something that feels (and looks!) good to me. The last one shows some houses from life, more or less guessing the perspective.


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #32

  1. I really like your hands today, and the town pic. Even things which look ugly in reality suddenly seem worth to be drawn. Your windows look a bit HundertWasseresque, gives them an own flair! :)

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