Sketchdump #34

Aah, I’m getting lazy with updating!

I’m drawing a lot these days, though most of the time just redrawing the same things to remember muscles. So, not much to show.
Still, some things I think might be worth posting:
I drew poses from photos, and then tried to reconstruct the muscles with the help of medicine book pictures. Not easy and most likely not exactly accurate, but good for memorizing.
Also, some 10 minute photo poses again. Feels better now again, after doing more muscle studies of the leg.
The last three characters are drawn from imagination, because people keep stressing the importance of not-only-copying, but also draw some things from head. I don’t particularly like them, but I post them anyway, for documentation purpose.

Some Bridgman studies, and recreating hand bones with the help of random x-ray images, after drawing them from life.

Tomorrow’s update will inclue some color again :)

2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #34

  1. Yeah, colour! :)

    The right hand looks a bit strange, the index finger – but I know you are able to do crazy things with your fingers!

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