Sketchdump #40

I did some landcape studies again, today. This time not from photos, but from WoW, was fun flying around and thinking what I’d like to paint and from which point of view. I’m really envious of people who paint such beautiful landscapes, like snowy mountains. Well, here are my results (click for sharper view).

Do you recognize some areas? I like the red grass landscape best.

The last two images are from mind.

3 thoughts on “Sketchdump #40

  1. ahhh.. i’ll give it a try

    1. I don’t recall the name of that big wall right now, but it could be the one at the northwestern end of the Crystalsong Valley, near Dalaran, where the “Versiegende Strom” starts or ends.
    3. Borean Tundra
    4. Borean Tundra, that Horde Strongold not far away from the Valianz Stronghold (Kriegshymnenfeste)
    5. Could be Schergrat, but the colours are not quite right
    6. Hmm, Gilneas?

    • 1. Big wall is good, close enough – actually it is icecrown, random view from within.
      2. Good guess – but no, it’s the middle of sholazar. Atmosphere is off though, so it could as well be an oasis in uldum!
      3-4 are correct :)
      5-6 are not wow-related, but random scribbles.

      Not bad! :D

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