Pirate cove

…or should I say pirate cave?

That’s my interpretation of one weekly environment topics of the last weeks, which was “pirate cove”. I kind of like how it turned out, even though it looks completely different from what I initially had in mind (concerning the rock formations). I tried to do better with the rocks this time, used various references, but couldn’t really stick to them, especially since I didn’t find anything with those lighting conditions.

Fun fact: I didn’t know the english word “cove” yet, so my mind just translated it to “cave” while reading. I just realized that mistake after the image was done. I didn’t even question it beforehand, because it made a lot of sense for me that there might be caves on some islands where pirates might hide their loot! Well, fortunately my painting includes some kind of cove anyway ;)


5 thoughts on “Pirate cove

    • Thanks! I’m glad the colors are working – I decided I have to pay more attention to color and mood, since they really can make an idea work (or not).

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