Sketchdump #51

University is killing me these days, I have almost no time for myself. Still, here are some sketches I managed to do – everything referenced again. Bored yet? ;)

5 thoughts on “Sketchdump #51

    • Those are done from photo reference – like every referenced anatomy drawings so far. I sometimes do some from reference as well (I always write above the images if they are referenced or from mind). I’d love to do some life drawing sessions one day though.

      I’d suggest starting with downloading or buying the Loomis book “Figure drawing for all it’s worth” – you will find some drawings I copied from there in older blog posts. He really helps understanding the complexity of the human body.
      You may also want to have a look at George Bridgman’s drawing book(s), but I would not recomment this for the beginning, more like additional information about how certain body parts work.
      Another book that helped me a lot is “Michael Hampton – Figure Drawing (Design And Invention)”, you can find most of the drawings from his book copied in older posts as well – he explains the different muscle parts in an understandable manner.

      Most of the sketches take 5-10 minutes each, although I don’t do timed drawings lately, but that’s how I started out. If I try to do “nice” shading, like the last ones, it is more like 10-15 minutes each.

      Hope this helps :)

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