Back to painting

Today’s still life took me a bit longer, I also tried a different apporach: To get my values right I started out painting in greyscale and then… well, then I slapped some colors on it. I don’t think I can call it anything else, because I really don’t get the color results I want (and see in other people’s paintings) when using this method – it always gets airbrushy and squishy and I don’t really have much control over my hues. I also somewhat lost my motivation at the end because the sun was setting and mood and shadows were changing faster than I could paint them, which was  frustrating since I spent quite some time on getting the values and perspective right this time.

(The egg is not floating by the way, it sits on something behind the shell)


Here’s some random environment from 2011, I don’t think I already posted it here?


2 thoughts on “Back to painting

  1. I don’t konw, how it should look like, but I think, you did a great job again. The form of the eggs are not as perfect as eggs are, but the colour is quite right!

    • Thank you! I was very tempted to use the lasso or path tool for the eggs/shell to get it nice and exact, but I think trying (and failing) doing it freehand has its own practice purpose!
      Personally, I think the brush came out best from all those.

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