Creature concepts

I started reading one of the painting books I got for christmas, and decided not only to absorb as much knowledge as possible, but also to draw inspiration out of it and maybe paint/draw some things which are uncommon for me. Well, I guess I really got out of my comfort zone with those!

I dislike the stupid feather thing, but I’m really fond of the toad..crab. Fullview is recommended.


6 thoughts on “Creature concepts

  1. Ganz meine Meinung. Das Krötending hat was. ; )
    Anatomisch überzeugt es mich zwar nicht wirklich (da ist der Heuschreckenalien besser), aber irgendwie … der Ausdruck … die Einbindung in den Hintergrund … und die Ausführung der Kugel vorne zwischen den Scheren… Das gefällt mir.

  2. I love all three! Glad you got those books for Christmas! :)

    The ant looks wise and philosophical, as if he/she wants to tell you something important for your life (maybe that you have to eat what he has in his pincers to get the eternal life?) , the second creature is certainly a chieftain of some kind and you are lucky that you were allowed to portrait him. The toad-crab looks as if it is asking – didn’t you say, I would need to sit still for 10 minutes only?

    • I’m very glad as well ;)
      I really like your interpretations of the creatures :) I don’t think the toad-y one is very keen on having to move too much though…

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