Sketchdump #57

Procrastinating again! I seriously have to get some university stuff done, so I forced myself to NOT draw any more hips for now. As a result, I started drawing faces…
But I really should be allowed to make up for the pathetic amount of time I could dedicate to drawing over the last two weeks, right? Right?

Anyway, I tried to change my style a bit by copying various catwalk photographs (heads only), because I really dislike the faces I’m drawing. I think this even was one of the reasons I stopped drawing a few years ago, because I hated everything I produced. So maybe practicing some different facial proportions and forms will help. Not sure about that though, as they look mostly the same again.
I have some more pages, but feel quite reluctant about sharing copies of other peoples artwork…
The painting is done without ref and just for fun. (I really must practice skintones)

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