Large Waterfall

My newest environment practice for the weekly environment challenge – this time the topic was “large waterfall”. I really enjoyed painting this one, was quite relaxing to do all those stones… I’m just a bit unsure if it ended up a bit too crowded.

Click for bigger size.


2 thoughts on “Large Waterfall

  1. Too crowded? Never – we are slowly getting to my preferred level of detail ;)

    The scale is somewhat weird, though – either the ship is a nutshell made by a kid or the grass growing on the rocks is actually a vast forest of huge trees… and the birds in the background gigantic dinosaurs. Hm. :D

    • Thank you, that’s good to hear!
      You’re right about the scale though – messed this up a bit in my attempt to make the rocks look bigger! …but I don’t know what birds you’re talking about, I only painted dinosaurs :p

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