Master study: Valeria

Link to original painting by William Clarke Wontner (1916).

A master study, again. I didn’t really plan to do this one, but better than browsing through my “inspiration” folders any longer instead of practicing! I used only 1 brush, except for the background.

What did I learn?

– Don’t be afraid to use very grey-ish skin shadows.
– Paint more semi-transparent cloth.
– Don’t paint the noses too small/thin.
– (I think she’s cross-eyed)


2 thoughts on “Master study: Valeria

  1. She is lovely, though not as softskinned as the original. You lost the patience when doing te blue fabric, right ? ;)

    • True, I kind of adapted the coloration style to my usual cg-style… about the fabric: I think I could have done better, but I didn’t think the exercise of copying the cloth exactly using only one brush would have justified the amount of time it would have taken. Maybe I should have used more brushes, and done it better, though.

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