Sketchdump #69 – Portrait and Value Study

Value studies!

Well, and portrait studies of course. The monochrome ones are photo-referenced, the colored speedpainting is from imagination obviously. The first to recognize the guy gets a virtual cookie :)

Sadly two of the greyscale images get displayed much darker online than on my computer… but I have no idea how to change that.

What did I learn?

– When painting the nose, the surrounding shadows from the cheeks are as important as the nose itself.
– Pay more attention to the placement of the eyes in the skull!
– Don’t forget to treat the part above and below the eyebrow as one form.


4 thoughts on “Sketchdump #69 – Portrait and Value Study

  1. I think you are doing well! I could point out some parts which i think could be done slightly better (e.g. the shoulder of the colour one are too small) , but overall I see progress :)

    The first portrait.. I bet it is someone out of Game of Thrones, thought it would be Tywin Lannister, but he’s not. Can’t look up all photos, otherwise I spoil myself again ;)

    • Thank you, dear :)
      Not quite right, but you get a cookie anyway! You’re right not to spoil youself. It is Ser Barristan Selmy from the Kingsguard. I like him, I think he’s such a kind, honorable and yet fierce knight.

  2. Yeah, I was right, I talked with Lucy today and we thought both, that it could be he, but I didn’t remeber the name.

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