Sketchdump #77 – Faces again

More face and skull practice. I’m not sure how exactly drawing the skull will help me, because I am so focused on getting it right, that I don’t have much capacity left for actually thinking of the face while drawing… but I guess/hope that it will still help me in the long term.
I’ll also focus on the facial features a bit more, using reference (the eyes in this case). I think one pair of eyes from this practice took me longer than the entire face in the skintone practice!


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #77 – Faces again

    • Well, your face consists mostly of skull/bone, with a few layers of stuff on top, so… ;)
      Yes, I did/do draw faces over skulls, or try to reconstruct the face from the skull, but most of those images get so messy that there is not much to show in the end.

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