Flooded Cave

“Flooded Cave” – environment of the week practice. I’m quite satisfied with this one – at least for now!

Again, I struggled a lot with the usual things, composition, rendering, colors, perspective, depth – but most of all I just don’t know how to push my “finished” pieces a bit more to a polished and professional level. But how does one practice edge control and detailing? I’ll just keep going, because I strongly feel like “practice” is the answer, as always.


Also, in addition, here is a small concept I am really stuck with: I feel like I’m slowly improving with abstract environments/landscape painting, but I have no idea how to practice inudstrial design like stuff (vehicles, machinery, scifi), or just normal human influenced environments like cities. I read loads of perspective books, I bought and watched video tutorials, but I just don’t know how to apply the knowledge. Any ideas, or simple exercises to practice this kind of stuff? Everything I try to take further than a fast concept turns out like a ugly mess.

4 thoughts on “Flooded Cave

  1. Hmm, I think the main pic lacks a proper focus, the eye is led to the bright parts, tries to find something on the coloumn, but doesn’t get a true point of rest. I would have liked the thumbnail on the top left better.

    • Your favourite would have been my second choice – and is being made into another image at the moment (as soon as I find the time and focus), but put in another context :)
      Thanks for the valuable feedback on the cave painting!

    • Thank you so much for that link – that really is an awesome process. It’s so nice to see that it really is possible to “just paint” all that after all, so there still is hope, with enough practice ;)
      Thanks for looking!

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