Sketchdump #103 – digital anatomy & color studies

Rough photo studies from nude photos (and even two guys for a change), this time I used another approach (no sketch/lines, but direct painting in color with thick strokes). Except for the last two leg paintings, I got the advice to study legs from really muscular people, which I’ll do now. But why on earth do they all have to wear high heels and be tanned beyond good and evil? Anyway, I’m always open if someone knows good websites for photo references for practicing ;)


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #103 – digital anatomy & color studies

  1. Hi
    Interesting what you are doing and i like your drawing style. Your figures are pleasingly erotic but I suspect that is your reference material from your comments. Humans are wonderfully diverse, whereas most pictures in magazines, on the net and, bluntly, in pornography are artistically dull. Try
    But no substitute for the real thing, life drawing workshops or if you have the gift,persuading a mate to model.

    • Thanks a lot! True, my practice figure work is mostly referenced, and I really end up using the same slim body types all over again. I drew a lot from pixelovely and lovecastle as well, but it really gets boring when the poses repeat themselves too often…
      Unfortunately there is no life drawing workshop where I live, but I still hope I’ll persuade a friend or my sister to model for me one day ;)
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

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