Sketchdump #106 – Hands

I’m doing hands and/or simple anatomy sketches for warmup now, so I won’t get out of practice again while focusing on the more technical stuff like perspective (yes, I’m trying to conquer this topic again).

I’m beginning to believe that hands need some form of modification to look good, something more than mere copying. Be it that they look more forceful, or more elegant, or whatever suits them. Then again, I guess that’s true with everything?
I think I should focus more on catching the underlying gesture, or essence of something, before trying to get the proportions etc. right. Sometimes I feel I can concentrate on only one thing at a time (line quality, gesture, proportions, …), but I guess that’s only a matter of routine. As always: More practice it is!

(Hopefully, all those trains of thougt will make me laugh when I read them again in a few years, when one day I’m a great artist…!)


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