Master study: Vacation


Here’s a master copy again – I wanted to do something nice and fun to recover some confidence in my painting.

Original: J.C. Leyendecker “Vacation” (1907)


Today I’ve got a gif with the progress for you:


What did I learn?
* I still have to be careful not to place the eyes too high
* Work more often from dark to light (it’s fun and feels promising)
* Get the big shapes right first, then render (but not everything)
* Practice faces!


7 thoughts on “Master study: Vacation

  1. I like the gif! The faces are nice, the right arm of the foreground girl a bit arkward, too short? This black spot is irritating, on the original as well. I realized the painter has left a lot of parts (hair) fairly undone also.

    • Thank you! Glad you like the gif – I can’t really decide if I prefer gifs or simple images, having enough time to look at each step does have it’s advantages… (when looking at other people’s progress shots)
      You’re right about the arm – seems I didn’t look at the reference properly for this part of the image!

  2. Very nice!IFace skin tones are done really good,you could work a little more on the folds i suppose but studies as these could have targeted learning purpose.You have a clear understanding about faces (heads etc) and you have practised seeing color i think iam not yet in the level to say any crits so i will just say once more nice work.btw very nice habbit to document what you ve learned :)

    • Thanks a lot for your comment :)
      You got me with the folds – cloth is something I continually decide to practice “later”! (And “later” hasn’t arrived yet)
      About documenting what I’ve learnt: I think it is important to take the time and think about what I did and if I achieved what I had in mind when choosing a exercise. I hope it will keep me from working mindlessly.
      Thanks for looking!

      • Yes documenting progress and things to learn and prioritize them is something really usefull.I ve spend quite the time designing and drawing and studying mindlessly and i had a breakthrought recently just because ive had beed documenting and learning with a target.I find this a usefull tactic, dont draw for example 20 heads from your mind draw 10 and in these ten focus on the outer contour in 3/4 view or something and the other ten can be focused on proportions or features.Hope iam not bubbling and making you tired :) but just i said before you are on a better level than me and all i can share is thoughts about tactics and less practical stuff from my learning experience.Hope to see more cheers :)

        • Don’t worry about level or whatever, that’s a matter of opinion anyway! Also, I think everybody can give valuable feedback, even non-artists, because it’s so hard to see one’s own mistakes, even if they really stick out to others.
          I think it’s very interesting to hear how other people learn and practice, there are just so many ways to improve, and I’m always looking for better or more effective tactics. One of the things I fear most, is that I waste my time doing pointless studies… not that I don’t enjoy the act of paintng itself, but time is just such an valuable ressource! Maybe I should pin a note on my desk with a reminder “Think before you draw” ;)

          Have a nice day! :)

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