Sketchdump #112 – Anatomy and Weapon Design

At the moment, I try to incorporate some animation principles in my (figure) work, starting with “stretch and squash”. I hope it will help me eliminate the much criticized stiffness of my drawings, and add some life. Also, I’m trying think more in 3d when drawing, which is not easy as well! Right now, I feel like I’m just sexing up the girls or achieve no effect at all – but I’m confident that if I try hard enough, it will eventually increase the overall quality of my work.

Oh, and some weapons – daggers and axes pulled from my head, but the firearms are referenced. Seriously, I’d count myself glad if I found the trigger on those things without shooting myself in the face! But I’d like to be able to draw and design them well at some point in the future, so I’ll just start and slowly build up my mental library :)


4 thoughts on “Sketchdump #112 – Anatomy and Weapon Design

  1. very nice results indeed animation type of drawing will help bringing life ,check vilppu for more info about that.He really has a great way of drawing when it comes to figures

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