Sketchdump #113 – a few digitals

Hello there!
Today I have some digitals for you. First, a value practice which I enjoyed immensly through the whole process. I love you, Photoshop! Photo referenced.

Here is an environment practice (“dark alley”), I used lots of textures this time – more like a matte painting, I guess!

Another version from the last portrait, couldn’t let my fingers from it. Last time I post this, I promise! (Who spots the mistake?)

And lastly, here is a small sketch for your amusement, yes you may laugh! But you may also give me advice how to practice hands – drawing my own left hand obviously doesn’t help much. Drawing, constructing, copying, painting, simplifying them more? I’m really lost how one would solve a piece like this, so my exercises so far seem to be quite ineffective. Any advice would be very appreciated!


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