Sketchdump #117 – painting hair

Oh my, this is so hard. As it’s the case so often, I only realized how hard it is to paint hair, after I tried to do it right. I tried out different apporaches: Starting messy, starting with a tight drawing, painting single hairs, painting only strands – staying positive, I’d say there is definitely much room for improvement! I’m not even sure what kind of “style” I’d like to pursure, realistic versus semirealistic/stylized, I think the latter fits my work better. I find it hard to walk the line between “too messy” and “too static”. But as always, practice, practice, experiment, practice is the answer! All photo referenced.

What did I learn?

– Flow and gesture is very important for hair as well; try to achieve this

– Learn to draw hair before painting it

– Pay attention to the way hair reflects light (ribbon secret!)

– Keep a close eye on how other people paint hair


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