Sketchdump #121 – things I don’t understand

I’m dabbling with topics I have no idea about again, but it is fun and there is not much to lose! (Also, I think I’m scared of going back to anatomy studies, which frustrated me so much last year…). I’m quite fond of this feeling when trying out new things: “alright, it’s fun, but you are reeeally bad at this… let’s change that!”

Interior design sketches inspired students from Feng Zhu’s school; my main focus was understanding the perspective stuff (2 point and 3 point), which took me ridiculously long to get right:

lyraina_concept1 lyraina_concept2 lyraina_concept3

Hard surface sketches from reference, again mostly trying to get the perspective part right. I don’t know why this is so hard for me, I think I understand most of the basics, but I always get lost when actually trying to put them to use:

lyraina_hardsurface1 lyraina_hardsurface2


3 thoughts on “Sketchdump #121 – things I don’t understand

  1. I like the technique used within the room studies of imagining them as separate rooms and with 2 walls missing.
    There are a few instances where small mistakes are made such as missing table legs and slightly skewed perspective edges but they look brilliant for quick and expressive explorations.

    I am going to look at how i can incorporate this technique into my games design concepting projects and maybe do some of my own as they really stand out.

    • Yeah, I think it’s a great way to showcase interior designs. Good luck for applying it to your own designs, it’s really a fun way to draw/think :)

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