Sketchdump #122 – Human Anatomy

We didn’t have a proper anatomy post for quite some time, right?

Here you go ;) 2 pages are from memory, rest with photo reference, about 5-8 minutes per figure.

sketchdump77_2 sketchdump77_3 sketchdump77_4 sketchdump77_5 sketchdump77_6 sketchdump77_7 sketchdump77_8sketchdump77_9  sketchdump77_10 sketchdump77_11 sketchdump77_12 sketchdump77_13 sketchdump77_14 sketchdump77_15


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #122 – Human Anatomy

    • Thank you!
      Yes, still know to do them – but I have kind of reached a plateau that I’m not sure how to master and improve further (not meaning that I don’t see my flaws).

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