Sketchdump #123 – Hair

Hello everybody!
Here’s something I’m very unhappy with, but I will post it for the record, and for the case anyone wants to offer me some advice. Hair is one of my weakest points at the moment, drawing and painting wise, so I added some exercises to my daily routine. I’m trying to understand how the strands, locks etc are falling, and try to copy it (“learn from nature”), but the more I try to be accurate, the uglier it looks. If I go more abstract, it is going better, but only slightly so. It’s always getting messy in the end. I guess I’ll just have to go on until enlightenment will hit me…
(That all my pens are dying on me at the moment is not a great help either)

sketchdump78_1 sketchdump78_2 sketchdump78_3 sketchdump78_4 sketchdump78_5 sketchdump78_6 sketchdump78_7

Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #123 – Hair

  1. I think they all look good, it’s not that important for it to be realistic, but if its what you want maybe you should try some ‘blurred shadows’ (don’t really know the word in english) instead of inking the lines of the hair? This is not my expert teritory though :)

    • Thank you for commenting! I normally prefer painting, but I’m always told “draw before you paint”… so I tried to draw them line by line. But I like your idea – maybe the middle ground works best, I’ll give the blurred shadows a try :)

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