Sketchdump #131 – Human Anatomy

Anatomy again. I still don’t know how to really get better at those, what kind of exercises help most (draw from books, draw from photos, paint, do only lines, pencil vs charcoal etc., unfortunately I don’t have many opportunities to draw from life atm). So I just keep struggling along and hope to see some improvement eventually. I like the “free” line drawings better than the controlled, clean ones, even though they are very messy. The more I focus on getting the lines clean, the less I can concentrate on keeping the energy of the gesture, and I tend to start copying mindlessly. Maybe I will be able to to “freehand” sketches with pretty lines, but without constructing and erasing, if only I practice them enough :)
I’m still at a loss how to improve my most mentioned critiques: Making my figues less flat and more liek the 3d objects they are, and also more dynamic, less stiff.

sketchdump82_11 sketchdump82_10 sketchdump82_9 sketchdump82_8 sketchdump82_7 sketchdump82_6 sketchdump82_5 sketchdump82_4 sketchdump82_3 sketchdump82_2 sketchdump82_1

To add a bit color to this post – here is a little bonus photo, a little insight into what I was doing when not drawing ;)

This is an aceton extract of the lichen Xanthoria parietina, after 12 hours with a soxhlet extractor:


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