Sketchdump #136 – Screencap studies

Here are some screencap studies I made for a contest at deviantart. They are fun, so this was a very nice opportunity to do some :) They all took me a maximum of 60 minutes each, because this was a requirement for the contest.

From top to bottom: Alien (50 min), V for Vendetta (60 min), Lord of the Rings (55 min), Avatar (60 min), Kingdom of Heaven (60 min)

screencap5_50min screencap6_60min screencap7_55min screencap8_60min screencap9_60min

What did I learn?

– Painting Na’vi is harder than I thought, nearly didn’t get it done in time

– My brain still tries to correct every tilted head to a horizontal view, be aware of that

– Need to do more focused studies (grass, mountains, clouds etc) on environment subjects, not just halfass them all the time

– Seriously need to develop my mental library on hard surface stuff (not entirely related, but … still)

– Completely misscalculated time on the last one, which is why the hair and dress look so terrible…

– I’m really portrait focused! I tried hard NOT to take only *pretty headshot* screenshots, but there we are, 4/5 are exactly that.


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #136 – Screencap studies

    • Danke danke! Farben und Komposition sind im Grunde ja auch das wichtigste bei so einer Übung, der Rest ist dann eher eine Frage der Geduld bzw. Zeit die man investiert, denke ich.

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