Sketchdump #141 – Environment Photo Studies

Here are some environment sketches again, referenced from I really enjoy doing those, but I think I am spending too much time in my comfort zone! Time to change that… *scared*
The last one was a horribly boring attempt at copying an interior photograph, because I seem to be unable to paint any of those on my own (same for exterior architecture and scifi stuff). I don’t think that’s the way to practice those skills though…
photo_landsc8a photo_landsc8b photo_landsc8c photo_landsc8d photo_landsc8e photo_landsc8f photo_landsc9

What did I learn?
– I seriously need to stop slacking and finally learn to use perspective!
– Atmospheric perspective is not very strong on clear days (surprise…)
– I should experiment more with those photo copies: Try new approaces
– Why do pastel skies look stupid and cliché when painted, but lovely in nature and photography?
Find a way to practice scifi/interior/architecture environments!!


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