Sketchdump #142 – Cloud Photo Studies

So there I was, thinking I might do some quick cloud studies from photos, so I would get a feeling for different kinds of clouds, and especially that “clouds follow perspective too” thing. As always, I ended up “not so quick” and also it was harder than I thought! The further away the clouds, the less I know how to paint them. Anyway – I did learn a thing or two doing those! Even created a new texture brush I like :)

photo_landsc10a photo_landsc10b photo_landsc10c photo_landsc10d photo_landsc10e photo_landsc10f photo_landsc10g photo_landsc10h


What did I learn?
– Try to find a good balance between big, mushy shapes and sharp, defined edges
– Experiment with subsurface shattering more (not sure if it is called like that on clouds)
– Perspective!! (As always)
– Lower opacity for those very distant, stretched and transparent strands of clouds and paint them in layers
– Carefully consider how the values and hues of the blue sky gradually change, depending on the position of the sun (if needed, look it up in James Gurney’s book, chapter “Sky Blue”)


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #142 – Cloud Photo Studies

    • Haha, schön wärs :D Nein nein, das wird eisern bis zum bitteren Ende durchgezogen. Also, demnächst. Bald. Vielleicht. Hoffentlich :p

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