Sketchdump #149 – Muscles of the arm

With this week’s anatomy drawings, my focus was on dynamic and volume (again). Concentrating on those factors, I sacrificed line quality and proportions. Hopefully at some point I will be able to draw well proportioned, dynamic figures with beautiful lines. Until then I need to concentrate on one or two at a time!
I also realized that I like drawing legs, but not arms – so I refreshed my knowledge on arm muscles with the help of Bammes, Hampton, my mirror etc.

sketchdump93_1 sketchdump93_2 sketchdump93_3 sketchdump93_4 sketchdump93_5 sketchdump93_6 sketchdump93_7 sketchdump93_8 sketchdump93_9 sketchdump93_10 sketchdump93_11 sketchdump93_12 sketchdump93_13 sketchdump93_14 sketchdump93_15 sketchdump93_16 sketchdump93_17 sketchdump93_18 sketchdump93_19 sketchdump93_20


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