Sketchdump #150 – Anatomy Pencil Sketches

Those anatomy studies are getting so redundant. I don’t know if the way I’m doing them is doing me any good, and I don’t see any progress since over a year now, despite dumping so much time on them on a daily basis (no, I’m not scanning and posting everything I do)… I don’t even know if I should do long, short, fast, freehand, measured, constructed, eyeballed, referenced, madeup, sketchy or precise poses. I also don’t see any improvement comparable to how fast I have seen other people improve on this subject. What am I doing wrong, or is it just me being a stupidly slow learner again? Sometimes having a class environment or teacher really would be quite reassuring…

Anyway- those are from reference as well as from imagination.

sketchdump94_1 sketchdump94_2 sketchdump94_3 sketchdump94_4 sketchdump94_5 sketchdump94_6 sketchdump94_7 sketchdump94_8 sketchdump94_9 sketchdump94_10 sketchdump94_11 sketchdump94_12 sketchdump94_13 sketchdump94_14 sketchdump94_15


3 thoughts on “Sketchdump #150 – Anatomy Pencil Sketches

  1. These are very good drawings but you might want to push out of your comfort zone and use a completely different medium, say chalk and charcoal on a larger scale. Or colour your paper with an ink wash before starting your drawing. This will lead you in different directions. Good luck :)

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