Bloodsport 13: The histories of Schaat’ Nath: Time Warriors


This one was reeeeally hard for me! I struggled a lot with perspective, the fact that I changed the scenery from “on a skyscraper” to “on the ground”, from daytime to night and… well, everything! But I’m really glad that I pushed through all that, even though the result is of course not too great and probably still has very messed up perspective. But I’ve learnt a lot, and it feels great to have finished an illustration, and in time as well ;) (It’s my entry to a challenge over at the crimson daggers, judged by concept art god Kekai Kotaki himself *faints*)
Thanks to S. for the feedback on the lettering/cover design!

WIPs, studies etc can be found on the crimson dagger forums for those of you who like to see the process:

Reference/Textures:, photos from japan and myself


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