Sketchdump #156 – Anatomy Sketches

It has been a while since I posted some pencil sketches! The first part is photo referenced, I tried to draw the figures more dynamic, as “too stiff” is a critique I receive very often. This means sacrificing line quality and accuracy, unfortunately. Second batch are Bammes studies. It’s good to see how other artists simplify the body sometimes.Sketchdump96_1 Sketchdump96_2 Sketchdump96_3 Sketchdump96_4 Sketchdump96_5 Sketchdump96_6 Sketchdump96_7 Sketchdump96_8 Sketchdump96_9 Sketchdump96_10 Sketchdump96_11 Sketchdump96_12 Sketchdump96_13 Sketchdump96_14


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