Sketchdump #157 – Digital Portraits and Still Life

Title says it all :) One photo study to try out a new render brush (skin tones, y u so hard?), the second portrait and the still life were aimed to a more rough, confident way of painting.

portrait99 portrait98 still57

references: portrait 1, portrait 2


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #157 – Digital Portraits and Still Life

  1. Your still lives are always amazing, but I like the two portraits also. The first portrait looks much more natural than older ones, the second is funny, shows a lot of character, just the beard is not so nice.

    • Thank you dear Tahiyat :)
      The portraits are always a bit hit and miss, because I struggle so much with the colors. Reference makes it a LOT easier, but they also need some corrections because they are never as vivid as life itself.

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